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(Human Resources and Audit Director- BGL Member of the Board of Directors)
The management of Barsan Global Lojistik, which is being prepared to open 26 new offices abroad in 2012 is entrusted to young people. The company's Human Resources Director Hakan Kölemenoğlu says "these young people will put their signature to the logistics sector".

Barsan Global Lojistik, which made investments of 150 Million Euro in the last five years and celebrates its 30th anniversary Barsan Global Logistics (BGL) this year, got an attack of four continents with a new 250 Million Euro investment. With planned 15 new logistics centers in Europe, 5 in China, 2 in the USA and one in India and South Africa each, the biggest goal of BGL is to be a global player in the logistics sector. One of the most important features of the company is reflected in the human resources. The average age of the directors of the foreign offices is 30. For example, the Italy Director Alişan Süzme is 27 years old, he started to work for the company when he was a college student in 2006. According to the Human Resources Director Hakan Kölemenoğlu, the young people hired to work for their global operations in the near future is now being trained intensively and they will sign the future of the Turkish logistics sector. Mr. Kölemenoğlu describes these young directors " They are ambitious young people who have a very good education, do not have previous work experience, speak a language at least, and curious about the world economy, reading, researching, having career goals " . We have talked with Mr. Kölemenoğlu on the company's human resources policies.  

How many people are working at your company?  
Now, we have more than 2.000 employees including those who work for our foreign companies.

How is the profile of your employees?
The majority of the employees are dynamic, ambitious and well-educated are young people who are interested in the sector and research. Of course, along with our expert, experienced, instructive managers.

What characteristics do you pay attention in recruitment?
The important thing for us is their interest in the sector. Our priority in recruitment is to hire new graduates those who speak a foreign language depending on the type of work, and dynamic, ambitious, solution-oriented. The department they graduate is not a criterion for us in the recruitment.

Do you hire managers from outside?
In principle, we do not usually hire managers from outside. Our managers are people who gained their experiences in the company. Therefore, one of the important criteria in hiring is their management capabilities.

What training do you provide for your employees.
Our company is known as " school of sector " . Our trainings are on-the-job trainings. The new employees work together with our experiences staff and learn the job. We have an organization structure that focuses on the CRM with the groups system. The employees learn all the departments. Of course, they are supervised by our experienced and professional managers.  

How do you choose to send managers abroad?
We prefer that our employees gain experience in the company. Our domestic managers gain experience in the company by both working and also with the help of the trainings. Until the last year, we fill the positions opened in our foreign companies by the employees selected through the interviews and evaluations. Since last year, with a project we realized, we train our foreign manager.  

What kind of training are they having?  
We established " Foreign Logistics Department " in our home office. To this department, we hire new college graduates with a good command of a foreign language. After taking three-weeks training in our regions, these young are trained in groups in our home office both in marketing and sales as well as the operation practically. And in one year they are sent to the newly established foreign logistics offices.  

Are the managers being so young presents a risk?  
The average age of our managers is 30. We believe in the quality of the human resources of our country. Today, young managers trained by us perform extraordinary activities. We are proud of those young people. In addition, we are very selective during their recruitment. We have a multi-stage recruitment process.

What do the young managers say?
BGL France Director Cüneyt Kaya - 29 years of age  
I started to work at BGL Anatolian Regional Directorate in Istanbul in 2008. As a customer representative, I participated in realizing the import and export operations of our customers working in various sectors. I already knew and witnessed in the past and during my employment that young employees, working at various regional directorates in Turkey, are relocated in the foreign offices after completing their trainings given by our experienced managers and the interviews and evaluations carried out by the human resources department. However, the process through which going abroad was a surprise for me. It is a chance for me to be assigned to a foreign office taking my age and managerial experience into consideration.  

Altar Tekin England Director - 29 years of age  I started to work at BGL as a customer representative in 2007 and since 2011, I am the England director. I believe that it is a great opportunity to give a chance to young colleagues. Having a big responsibility at such a young age shows that our company managers trust us. Even to be young indicates less experience, we have energy and capacity to improve ourselves every day. Any new information we receive are stored in our database and each experience provides a positive effect on our managerial characteristics.

"Barsan is a logistics school ."

BGL is logistic school. It allows young and dynamic people trained in accordance with company policy to assign important positions in companies in Turkey or in domestic and provides career opportunity to them.

BGL HR gives trainings providing its personnel to be people who know all chains of supply.

It provides services that have realized all supply chains of logistics as of day of its foundation, provides services in small teams on customer basis, allows group responsible to directly get in contact with customers, realizes all operations only in that team, and increases customer satisfaction.
"Quality, reliable, sustainable service"

As Internet technology, BGL has fastest serves of the world and uses programs prepared by its own "Know-How".
All materials are bar-coded in all loadings and storages and are tracked.

BARPORT program developed by BGL to its customers and having user friendly interface allows to follow up all kind of loading and costs online by customers.

IT establishes fully equipped "disaster recovery centers" for uninterrupted service at two points in immediate proceedings.