1-31 August 2020 Driving Bans

Driving Bans in Europe

You will find all the holidays and traffic prohibition regulations details in Europe, Russia, Central Asia, Near East and North Africa between 1-31 August 2020.

SAT, 01.08.2020SwitzerlandNational Day
SAT, 01.08.2020United Arab EmiratesEid al Adha (Day 2)
SAT, 01.08.2020IraqEid al Adha (Day 2)
SAT, 01.08.2020JordanEid al Adha (Day 2)
SAT, 01.08.2020KuwaitEid al Adha (Day 2)
SAT, 01.08.2020MoroccoEid al Adha (Day 2)
SAT, 01.08.2020QatarEid al Adha (Day 2)
SAT, 01.08.2020Saudi ArabiaEid al Adha (Day 2)
SAT, 01.08.2020SyriaEid al Adha (Day 2)
SAT, 01.08.2020TunisiaEid al Adha (Day 2)
SAT, 01.08.2020France07:00-19:00
SUN, 02.08.2020United Arab EmiratesEid al Adha (Day 3)
SUN, 02.08.2020IraqEid al Adha (Day 3)
SUN, 02.08.2020JordanEid al Adha (Day 3)
SUN, 02.08.2020KuwaitEid al Adha (Day 3)
SUN, 02.08.2020MoroccoEid al Adha (Day 3)
SUN, 02.08.2020QatarEid al Adha (Day 3)
SUN, 02.08.2020Saudi ArabiaEid al Adha (Day 3)
SUN, 02.08.2020SyriaEid al Adha (Day 3)
SUN, 02.08.2020TunisiaEid al Adha (Day 3)
SUN, 02.08.2020North MacedoniaNational Holiday
MON, 03.08.2020IrelandAugust Bank Holiday
WED, 05.08.2020CroatiaHomeland Thanksgiving Day
FRI, 07.08.2020Bulgaria17:00-20:00 on certain road sections
FRI, 07.08.2020Czech Republic17:00-21:00
FRI, 07.08.2020Italy16:00-22:00
FRI, 07.08.2020Poland18:00-22:00
SAT, 08.08.2020France07:00-19:00
SAT, 08.08.2020Czech Republic07:00-13:00
SAT, 08.08.2020Croatia04:00-14:00 on certain road sections
SAT, 08.08.2020Italy08:00-22:00
SAT, 08.08.2020Poland08:00-14:00
SAT, 08.08.2020Slovenia08:00-13:00 on certain road sections
SAT, 08.08.2020Slovakia07:00-19:00
SUN, 09.08.2020Bulgaria14:00-20:00 on certain road sections
SUN, 09.08.2020Czech Republic13:00-22:00
SUN, 09.08.2020France00:00-22:00
SUN, 09.08.2020Croatia12:00-23:00 on certain road sections
SUN, 09.08.2020Italy07:00-22:00
SUN, 09.08.2020Poland08:00-22:00
SUN, 09.08.2020Slovenia08:00-21:00 on certain road sections

Arrangements does not contain national driving prohibitions.
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