1-31 March 2021 Driving Bans

Driving Bans in Europe

You will find all the holidays and traffic prohibition regulations details in Europe, Russia, Central Asia, Near East and North Africa between 1-31 March 2021.

SAT, 13.03.2021Hungary22:00-24:00
SUN, 14.03.2021Hungary00:00-24:00
MON, 15.03.2021Hungary00:00-22:00
THU, 18.03.2021Liechtenstein22:00-24:00
FRI, 19.03.2021Liechtenstein00:00-24:00
FRI, 19.03.2021Spain8-24 only ADR, in Castilla la Mancha, Galicia, Murcia, Navarra, Valencia, Basque Country

Arrangements does not contain national driving prohibitions.
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