Founded in 1982 by Kamil Barlın as a customs consultancy office in Karaköy, Istanbul, Barsan is today a global brand that gives integrated logistics service with over 100 logistics centers in 50 countries and upcoming 14 countries in a vast geography from the United States to China, from Europe to Asia.


We cover the whole world from one end to the other as a solution partner of the global companies on the back of our 39 year experience and our integrated transportation services. That’s why we say “the world is in our pocket”.

Our fundamental strategy is to become a solution partner that protects the globe as it grows globally, creates value, and is endowed with the safest work environment for its employees and the most reliable systems and service quality for its customers.

We sum up our philosophy, belief and substance as follows:


With our giant operational strength at over 100 different locations in 50 countries, we offer all logistics services needed by the business world.

As BGL, we have operations in the biggest countries of the world in terms of their Gross National Products (GNP). As of today, total GNP of the countries where BGL provides logistical services accounts for 87,07 percent of the world economy. With the new centers we will open in the near future, we will be covering 92,00 percent of the global economy by the end of 2024.