As Barsan Global Logistics and Customs lnc. is aware of the belief that alcohol and drug use may harm employees health and prevent them from doing safe work.

It is strictly prohibited to keep liquids with alcohol content in office environments, warehouse areas and all vehicles where operational activities are carried out.

It is forbidden to come to work with alcohol or drugs and it is the reason for terminating the employment contract.
It is strictly forbidden to use company vehicles with alcohol or drugs removed.

People who have been treated for alcohol or drug addiction must declare it before they get to work.

Our company has the right to control its employees unannouncedly on alcohol or drug issues during its duty.

Alcohol or drug testing can be requested from the accident personnel.

It is forbidden to have illegal and non-prescription drugs and similar substances in the offices, warehouses and vehicles without the knowledge of the company doctor.

Employees must submit a medical report from the specialist doctor for the medications they have to use and are obliged to obtain the approval of the company doctor.

Subcontractors and rental car drivers are also checked for alcohol and drugs.