We maintain our assertion to become the company having the most reliable work environment for its employees by constantly improving our occupational health and safety and road safety performance

We subject our drivers and our blue-collar employees to health examinations periodically starting from their first recruitment. We analyze the health and security risks that may emerge in all our operations, and we eliminate these risks by taking the due measures. We hold constant trainings and regular internal stakeholders meetings in order to spread OHS awareness.

Noise, dust, light measurements are regularly analyzed by accredited bodies. We assure the continuity of a healthy and secure work environment, and we ensure the use of proper personal protective equipment.

Occupational Health and Security training

Pocket OHS Trainings

We hold Pocket OHS trainings in all our operational points inside the country. These short trainings of 15 minutes are given to all employees once a week at the start of the day’s work by the warehouse supervisors.

OHS Internal Stakeholder Meetings

We hold video conference meetings with the participation of the warehouse representatives, human resources managers and OHS experts of all regions across Turkey. In these meetings, we ensure the communication and popularization of the good OHS practices in our operation areas to all regions. We manage our OHS performance with common indicators and concrete targets.

Blind Spot Light

We place a blue light on the forklifts in order to prevent blind spot accidents in the warehouses. This ensures that a forklift approaching from a point that cannot be noticed can be easily seen by others.

Fire Sprinkler System in NFPA standard

In our warehouses, we switched to automatic Sprinkler system which is one of the most frequent fire extinguishing systems used in industrial areas. In buildings where this system has been mounted, 95 percent of the fires are extinguished at the initial stage. This system which is highly effective in extinguishing a possible fire before it spreads is among the most effective measures against the fire risks in high warehousing areas in particular.

‘Near Miss’ boxes

We have placed the ‘Near Miss’ system for active use inside our warehouses. In all our warehouses, the employees were given ‘Near Miss’ training by our OHS experts.

Road Safety

We are targeting to make our drivers the safest and the most reliable drivers on roads. For this purpose, we developed BGL International Truck Driver Training Program. All our vehicles are instantly monitored via satellite tracking system and speed limits are regularly checked. Safe driving performance of all our drivers is assessed and the driver is resent for the said training if a need is seen.

BGL International Truck Driver Training Program

BGL International Truck Driver Training Program brings up competent and reliable human resources not only for Barsan but also for the road transport industry with the quality of its trainings and the security control system it has established. Our drivers complete this nine-month training before being given the charge of a driver.

We consider all factors regarding our long distance drivers from their health controls to their satellite tracking performance degrees, from their rest time to their psychological states; and we make the road planning in line with this data.