The youngest fleet in Euro standard

With our fleet of Euro 6 double-deck mega trailers not older than 2 years, we offer complete and partial service from our self-owned warehouses or from the warehouses of the companies to 81 provinces of Turkey.We offer an excellent road transportation service thanks to our vehicles consisted of the best and most developed vehicle brands with different conditions and peculiarities (such as trucks equipped with canvas-cover/ hangers / refrigerator), our strong logistic centers spotted to all parts of Europe, our customer representative model that embraces 100% customer satisfaction, and our understanding of logistics at the speed of thought.After laying down the shortest transit route between Turkey and Europe as our main route, we are producing express solutions to the urgent needs of our customers via express, super express and swift service options.


With our fleet which is one of the youngest in Turkey and made up of self-owned vehicles, we are offering complete/partial import and export road transportation service for the key sectors of the foreign trade including mainly automotive, textile, retail, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), durable consumer goods.We offer multi-modal transportation at Europe-Turkey, Turkic Republics-Turkey, Russia-Turkey, Middle East-Turkey, Turkey-Iraq and Turkey-Kazakhstan lines.


Mega Trailer (100 m3)Double decked trucks and trucks with hangers inside

Euro 6 standard

  • Canvas-covered
  • Double Deck
  • Refrigerated
  • Minivans (Swift service)


Barsis and Barport software:

  • Cargo-based tracking
  • A system integrated to all software
  • Web-based transparent tracking options
  • Retrospective reporting
  • Automatic proactive reporting
  • Customized status reports in various formats
  • Online Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports


Standard, Express and Super Express

Cost-saving consultancy


Ürünlerin aciliyeti ve müşteri ihtiyaçları söz konusu olduğunda Avrupa’nın her yerine 24 saatte teslimat yapan minivan araçlarla (swift service) hizmet veriyoruz.  Minivan araçlarımızla sınır kapılarında yol yasaklarına takılmadan, TIR kuyruklarına girmeden Avrupa’nın her noktasına uçak hızında teslimat gerçekleştirerek müşterilerimize maliyet ve zaman tasarrufu sağlıyoruz.


We offer complete and partial delivery to anywhere in Turkey within three days from both our self-owned warehouses and from the warehouses of the customers using our own distribution network that is integrated to our transportation and warehousing services.

  • Complete deliveries to and/or from the warehouses of the companies with any mode and type of vehicle.
  • Deliveries to chain stores and shopping centers
  • Milk run deliveries
  • Partial deliveries