Our main strength and capital is our human resources

Creating a healthy, safe, fair and participatory work environment for our employees is our foremost mission. Establishing an anti-discriminatory and fair work environment that respects human rights and employees’ rights lie in the basis of our efforts.

Compliance with the laws on employees’ rights, privacy, equal opportunity, health and job security are the fundamental principles of our Human Resources policy. In line with our anti-discriminatory human resources policy, we take all our employees as equal without any discrimination on their ethnical origin, language, religion, race, gender, nationality and marital status. We comply with and observe our principle “not to employ child labor in a forced and compulsory way”.

We observe the principles of the right person for the right job, creation of a fair work environment and offering equal opportunity to all during the employment, pricing, career opportunity and promotion applications beyond compliance with the laws. We have the leanest and most aggressive premium system in the industry. All employees are well informed of which success will be rewarded. There is transparency on all subjects including the wages of the employees. We have a very low employee turnover.

We know that participation and behaving with common sense is compulsory for development. We encourage our employees to participate in decision-taking processes via the communication channels we have established for this purpose, We constantly work for developing the safety culture within Barsan Global Lojistik and its becoming an indispensable part of our way of doing business.


Owing to our privilege of being a global company, we offer the new recruits as well as the experienced professionals, the opportunity of having a global work experience at various strategical locations of the world and a multifaceted career. We offer the teams working in the region the advantages of access to finance, IT & software, human resources, brand management & PR, central wholesale buying.

Career Opportunities Abroad

As a logistics company growing briskly on a global scale, we constantly open new offices in a new country or in a new city. In order to instill the culture and the way of doing business of Barsan Global Lojistik, we appoint to the newly-opened offices the young people that were trained in Turkey. Barsan Global Lojistik bears diverse opportunities for the young talents seeking work experience abroad in particular.

Multifaceted Career

With rotation system, our employees get experience in different areas of logistics and have competences earning them mastery over the industry rather than being stuck to only one type of operation.

 Would you like to join BGL family and take your place in this pleasant formation?

Would you like to join BGL family and take your place in this pleasant formation?


IMPORTANT: You can apply for a job or internship from our website or Job or internship application done by E-mail is not taken into consideration.

Internship at Barsan Global Lojistik

Winter Period: We evaluate the high school student applicants in September – June period and offer internship opportunity to the appropriate candidates. During their internship, we offer guidance to our students for getting to know and observe the logistic industry more closely and thereby help them in their choice of careers.

Summer Period: We evaluate university student applicants in June – September period and offer internship opportunity to the appropriate candidates. During their internship period, the interns are assigned at our Head Office and other station throughout Turkey at different posts, and receive feedback from the relevant directors about all logistics processes. Proper candidates make their first steps towards becoming a member of BGL family.

Application for Internship

Application for Internship




To establish and implement the system regarding the determination, selection and recruitment of the human resources that will enable an efficient and productive performance of our company’s activities

To prepare a quality and peaceful working environment whereby individual and corporate values are shared by observing the material and immaterial rights of our employees, and all employees could use their creativity and freely voice their ideas

Closely observing all developments and changes in our employees, and identifying and implementing the trainings aimed at earning our employees the information, skills, attitudes and behaviors required to make them more successful in their works

To make it possible for our employees to assess the results of their own works and the results of their own achievements; To assess their performances against objective criteria, and to reward and encourage high performance

To establish and realize a career management system that ensures our employees develop constantly inside the company, that prepares them for higher echelons, that ensures the appraisal of employees at all levels eager to take on responsibility in the most efficient way

To ensure that the employees are assigned in appropriate positions, appropriate locations, and appropriate times inside and outside the country and thus gain a global work experience

To develop systems that will encourage the success and creativity by ensuring proper work conditions as appropriate for the service conducted

To pursue a participatory management policy that involves different perspectives and different accumulations together