We are targeting to get always better with our responsible, trustable, flexible and dynamic structure.

Our vision is to become always number one preference of our customers by being one step ahead of their requests and expectation with the help of our vision, our services, and our strong, dynamic and technological infrastructure.

We help our customers to create value and difference by offering the most reliable and productive solutions in our services we provide inside and outside the country. We focus on customer satisfaction by not compensating from our service quality.

The most important factor that makes Barsan Global Lojistik different than the other logistics companies and renders it a global player in its industry is its specific and original management model.

This management model incorporates experienced and dynamic groups competing with one another for better quality service although they report to the same unit who can provide all services of the logistics industry (transportation, customs-clearing, warehousing, invoicing) at the same time.
We have all quality system certificates which may be needed to do business in Turkey and in the world. That’s how we continuously improve the service standard and operation quality we offer to our customers.

We have focused on occupational health and safety, and carbon emissions.
We place particular importance on human resources. Our personnel are continuously trained at all stages. The training of our drivers is well above the industry average.
We set global work experience and multi-dimensional career targets to our new recruits. We give initiative to the regional and local office employees, but we oblige them to inform us at all stages.

We hold trainings for the purpose of generalization of the Occupational Health and Safety awareness, and we organize stakeholder meetings. We take the road safety to maximum levels within the framework of the international truck driver training program.
We are working to become a solution partner that protects the globe as it grows globally, creates value, and is endowed with the most reliable systems and service quality.