As Barsan Global Logistics, we aim to be among the important actors of the logistics sector by prioritizing occupational health and safety with a human approach, complying with the laws, respecting the environment, society and our stakeholders in all geographies we operate.

Our cornerstones are respect for the laws regarding employee rights, confidentiality, equal opportunity, health and work safety. We consider all our employees equal regardless of their ethnic origin, language, religion, race, gender, nationality or marital status. Everywhere we fulfill and follow our principle of “child labor, not to work by force and compulsion.” We encourage our employees to participate in our decision-making processes. Our employees are our most valuable asset and our primary priority is to ensure their safety. we aim.

As Barsan Global Logistics, our environmental perspective is not a reactive approach that produces solutions after environmental problems, but a proactive approach to prevent problems before they occur. Our long-term goal is to make our environmental decisions a part of our strategic decisions and to share the value we create with all our business partners in the supply chain, and to ensure that they become partners.

In addition to creating economic added value in the field of employment and growth in the countries where we operate, we also strive to contribute to social and environmental issues. We work with the philosophy “We are responsible not only for what we do, but also for what we do not do”. Complementary to these studies, we see an opportunity to share, develop and increase our corporate values and BGL culture with our internal and external stakeholders on “contribution to society”.

As BGL management and employees, we are a big family and we care about acting together for social benefit. For this purpose, we aim to realize sustainable projects by supporting the voluntary work of our employees, taking the path they lead and supporting the issues they own.

Our Barsan Global Logistics Sustainability Strategy;
To be a solution partner that protects the world while growing worldwide, has the safest work environment for its employees and the most reliable systems and service quality for its customers.

Barsan Global Sustainability Vision;
As BGL, our sustainability vision is “Grow by Creating Value.
We are aware that sustainable success can only be possible with the development of the society in which we are located.