We became industry leader with Barsis and Barport software

Innovation is our foremost asset which enables us to perpetuate our customers’ experiences of Barsan Global Lojistik and to continuously increase the customer satisfaction. With our engineers and software staff, we develop innovative and pioneering ‘customizable’ software solutions…

With the Barsis and Barpot systems, all services provided by our company can be monitored and reported end-to-end from the receipt of the order to the delivery of the service in an integrated way. We moved our headquarters to ITU Teknokent (Techno-city) owing to these groundbreaking technologies in logistics industry. We continue developing many more new projects with the cooperation of ITU Teknokent and TUBITAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), as they consider our technological solutions as valuable.

BGL is the first and only logistics company whose software and design solutions, which it has been developing for the last 25 years on supply chain, have been studied by Istanbul Technical University (ITU) within the scope of Research & Development topic, and which has its headquarters in ARI TEKNOKENT.


With the ‘Current Position Analysis’ and ‘Solution Design’ works conducted by our specialized staff, we offer our customers the most appropriate solutions in all fields from the logistics network strategy to shipment design, and from the warehouse management planning to inventory analysis.





Warehouse distribution center management

Customs clearing – foreign trade solutions


International finance system solutions

CRM and business intelligence solutions

E- invoice solutions

Electronic Archive


Web portal solutions

IPad applications


Corporate performance management

Service performance


We severed the dependence of the works to the people; we targeted to promote corporate continuity.We manage all our operations with Barsis, which is the supply chain management system developed by our company. Barsis system is based on the traceability and interconnection of the processes. We ensure the information security and integrity on the basis of these principles.

Our Barsis program collects all logistical business processes which we conduct at over 100 locations in 49 countries under a single roof and thus ensure a seamless integration with all systems. Monitoring of all stages of the customs clearing transactions in digital media step by step both by our company and by our customers, easy communication of all documents filed during the various processes thanks to an e-archive system, the possibility of our customers to instantly monitor the vehicles carrying their cargo thanks to our on-line vehicle monitoring system, the software of which was developed by our company, by connecting to our customer portal, are but a couple of the privileges offered by our company.We manage the entire process up to the production line at our customer’s factory abroad through online integration to our customer’s systems at all stages of the process and thus making data exchange and continuous communication.All load carried by Barsan are monitored by Barsis. The vehicles carrying the cargo, the license number and driver information of these vehicles, departure and destination points, the types of cargo carried in the vehicle as applicable in the partial loads are all monitored via the system. Delivery of the cargo to the customer is effect based on the stamp / signed delivery notice scanned to the system.

In 1988, we founded the Data Processing department. We were the first company in our industry that started using computer systems in its customs clearing transactions. We created the first customs declaration on a computer.In 1991 – We started infrastructural works for integrated logistics and united customs clearing and stock management services.In 1993 – We were the first company that started satellite tracking and monitoring system in its truck fleet.In 2015 – We moved to ITU Teknokent…


With Barport, we offer KPI measurement opportunity to our customers and send them instant notifications at all stages of their operations. Our customers can control all processes related with their cargo, design reports based on the criteria as they desire, and get the documents of their cargo via the Barport program which they can use easily through web and iPad. We develop customized solutions for our customers and create value for them.


BGL staff can manage their onsite operations rapidly via a single click through their mobile phones and tablets. Our customers can also monitor the state of their operation instantly without having to wait for the staff enter their computers and input the necessary data.We take the traceability of the work as the basis of all the processes we develop. All processes (transportation, customs clearing, warehousing, storage) are structured in an integrated way that follows and triggers one another.