Barsan Global Logistics accepts and undertakes to; Protect the ever-deteriorating ecological balances in the world following the requirements of TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard, to comply with all national and international legal regulations established in all processes from the beginning to the end of the logistics services in the field of activity,

In addition to the existing legal regulations in this direction, it also complies with the directives created in order to ensure the compliance of the legal measures taken at the national level in the countries of the European Union and declare this approach,

The realization of this environmental approach of Barsan Global Logistics can be achieved by including all collaborators in the supply chain in this approach,

To use environmentally friendly products in all kinds of tools and equipment used in the field of activity and to comply with the list of substances that require prohibited / restricted use,

Within the scope of all our activities, to make risk assessments about possible dangerous situations and behaviors systematically, to establish the culture of prevention, to continuously improve and develop,

Within the scope of all our activities, we evaluate our recyclable wastes, reduce the limited use of natural resources, prevent the pollution due to environmentally hazardous wastes, not to negatively affect the living life, the environment to take necessary measures to avoid contamination,

To be open to the examination of 3rd parties and the public in all Environmental Management System application.