As one of the first companies that received ISO 27001 in logistics industry in Turkey, we believe that data privacy of our customers is among the highest priority topics. We take data privacy as an attitude well beyond a legal necessity or a customer demand.

The laws about information security vary from one country to the other. As a company that uses many different data centers in Turkey and in the world, we believe that differences between these laws of the countries are an opportunity to build the most reliable systems.

The security of the customers is one of the main criteria that we take into consideration at the stage of designing of a system, service or program involving customer data.

ISO 27001

We received ISO 27001 Information Security Management System certificate, which is the Information Security Management System, in 2013.

Our Data Privacy Policy

  • To ensure the privacy and integrity of our customers’ information
  • To build the infrastructure needed to guarantee the continuity of the services of Barsan Global Lojistik
  • To take the due physical and logical security measures in compliance with the value of the information possessed
  • To assign access rights and prevent unauthorized access in accordance with the “need-to-know” basis in order to control access to the information
  • To consider security needs while developing software
  • To protect information assets against the harmful codes such as viruses and against the attacks that may come from the cyberspace, outside Barsan Global Lojistik
  • To develop an intervention process against the incidents threatening information security
  • To provide information security trainings for our children, and to increase information security awareness
  • To ensure the compliance of our shareholders with Barsan Information Security Policies

Information Security Trainings

We provide Information Security Trainings to BGL office employees each year in order to observe information security in operational processes at maximum levels.