To establish and implement the system regarding the determination, selection and recruitment of the human resources that will enable an efficient and productive performance of our company’s activities

To prepare a quality and peaceful working environment whereby individual and corporate values are shared by observing the material and immaterial rights of our employees, and all employees could use their creativity and freely voice their ideas

Closely observing all developments and changes in our employees, and identifying and implementing the trainings aimed at earning our employees the information, skills, attitudes and behaviors required to make them more successful in their works

To make it possible for our employees to assess the results of their own works and the results of their own achievements; To assess their performances against objective criteria, and to reward and encourage high performance

To establish and realize a career management system that ensures our employees develop constantly inside the company, that prepares them for higher echelons, that ensures the appraisal of employees at all levels eager to take on responsibility in the most efficient way

To ensure that the employees are assigned in appropriate positions, appropriate locations, and appropriate times inside and outside the country and thus gain a global work experience

To develop systems that will encourage the success and creativity by ensuring proper work conditions as appropriate for the service conducted

To pursue a participatory management policy that involves different perspectives and different accumulations together.