Our first priority aim is; is to ensure that our employees work in a workplace where healthy and safe conditions are provided.

To achieve this aim; We have established an Occupational Health and Safety Management System that prevents the dangers that may arise at every stage before they occur, the basic philosophy of this system is based on “Continuous Improvement”. From the lowest level of activity to the highest level in the Logistics services we offer, all our forward-looking planning and implementation studies have been arranged according to this understanding.

In this context, as the management, we undertake to prevent injuries and health deterioration, to continuously improve OHS management and OHS performance, to comply with the current OHS legislation and other customer requirements, and to achieve the sustainable “Zero Work Accident” target.

Our employees are our greatest asset, we enable them to gain the necessary competencies and encourage them to be voluntary participants. As Barsan Global Logistics, our main goal is; Our aim is to take place as a leader in the sector with BARSAN quality, with our services that are open to innovation and that are open to innovation and that are institutionalized with high level of logistics knowledge and experience, in an environment respectful to society and the environment, on time, error-free and produced in international standards.